For the environment, quality and the working environment

  • Jobro Sheet Metal Technology AB will offer the customer a comprehensive solution to achieve a finished product that meets or ideally exceeds our customers’ requirements.
  • Our design, as well as our tool and sheet metal manufacturing, will be based on expertise, flexibility, short lead times and environmental awareness.
  • All personnel will be involved in our ongoing improvement work by developing the utilisation of our resources, as well as continually working to reduce our environmental impact and prevent pollution.
  • We aim to manufacture using modern machinery that is energy-efficient, has minimal noise impact and produces the least possible oil and gas emissions.
  • All work will take place under safe conditions and be performed by well-trained, motivated staff.
  • Increase knowledge and raise awareness among our employees regarding quality, environmental and working environment issues.
  • Comply with the authorities’ environmental and legal requirements.

Ulricehamn 2018-08-31
Ulf Wilhelmsson